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New Cinnple Flavor-Matcha Blueberry
Product Description:
Cinnple is an all natural, great tasting drink combining two of nature's oldest and most healthful ingredients, honey and cinnamon. Studies have suggested that honey and cinnamon can have amazing health benefits, such as promoting lower blood sugar levels, increasing focus for healthy brain, improves digestion and IBS, anti-bacterial/anti-microbial, anti-oxidant. So we took the Ceylon cinnamon and the sweetest blueberry honey we could find and combined them to create one delicious low calorie, wholesome drink.
Cinnple can be paired with a meal, mixed with your favorite supplement, used instead of water for your nutri-bullet, wrmed up like tea, or enjoyed on its own at the end of a long day. We Understand life is hard enough, lets make it a little more Cinnple!"

Our Cinnple Story:
"About 15 years ago, Chris Kelly started searching for natural solutions to his newly formed seasonal allergies, and he wasn't going to stop until he found some answers. Countless hours of research later, Chris discovered the benefits of honey as nature's natural "pollen fighter". It made sense, since honey activates the immune system to combat various pollens that get absorbed into the body.

So honey it was, but he also learned about another fascinating natural fighter along the way, Ceylon cinnamon. Ceylon, not to be confused with Cassia, the kind of cinnamon commonly found in grocery stores, is native to Sri Lanka and has incredibly positive potential health benefits. Armed with this new information, Chris worked on various ways to come up with an all natural, great-tasting drink that can be easily integrated into your everyday routine. He tested and tasted, and tested and tasted some more and had his friends test and taste. Finally, after numerous attempts, they nailed it, Cinnple was born."
Cinnply Good!

New Matcha Blueberry Flavor:
Same as our Original Cinnple now with Matcha Blueberry flavor!
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